Katie’s Corner September 2010

Before I was diagnosed with Bone Cancer in February 2007, my life was like any other 21 year olds, I was working as a home care assistant, lived independently and was self sufficient.  I had no idea of the effect treatment would have or the disability the cancer would leave me with, luckily I had my Mum and Dad who I could rely on and so I moved back to their house to be looked after.

After passing my driving test at the beginning of 2010, I could now go where I wanted, more importantly I felt ready to live independently again, so Me, Mum and Dad worked hard to get my house ready for me to move back.  We finally finished in July, and I moved back.  It was tough and scary at first, but I’m feeling a lot more settled now.  I would not have been able to cope without my family and friends who looked after me when I needed them, but it feels good to be independent again.

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